Let us live well

A letter from Jules in Rwanda...
In November 2016 a team from Shelter Them Canada visited the Bugesera community. While witnessing the poverty people were living in, a decision was made to go back to Canada and do something in Bugesera. One situation they observed was collapsing muddy houses with leaking roofs. The second was signs of malnutrition and illness found in the kids of this community. Funds were raised to build 8 houses for the most vulnerable people and feeding those 8 families. They were also able to pay medical insurance for the entire community and buy goats for 35 families.     

The support from the good samaritans wasn’t enough to cater for all the people facing different kinds of vulnerability, therefore Shelter Them Rwanda had no other alternative than encouraging the community to be together.  Help each other solve issues slowly in unity.  It is with this mentality that Shelter Them advised this community to create a saving scheme so at certain points of time they can lend to families to buy goats. They did so since the end of 2016 and they called that cooperative “TUBEHO NEZA” meaning “Let us leave well”.  Poverty is still roaming among them but they have confidence that one day, in unity the problem they are facing will be history.

This attitude of coming together as a community and working together, if nurtured can produce a great impact in the community. Shelter Them is working with them to support their own initiatives and make them successful.

Since then every family member contributes 400 Rwf (0.46$) and have an open air meeting twice a month to continue discussing on how to improve their lives. So far this group has shared 12 goats to 12 families out of 33 family members.

Their goal is to lend every member a goat, then after they will start thinking about other business they can undertake.  Thank you to all who are contributing in one way or another to be part of this great cause.

The perfect Gift is not the same for all...

A letter from Jules in Rwanda...

Hello all, hope you are doing well. 

I have a good news for you about Pacy, he got a new wheel chair!  You promised to give a gift of the new wheel chair to this boy as Christmas gift. That time I asked many places I know but I found them too expensive. I started exploring how we could get a donation because it was important to get a wheel chair for him, as the older one wasn't fitting with his disability status. 

Today we got this beautiful one from a government hospital. Thank God for that. I would like to thank you for your heart, which encourages me to find a wheel chair for Pacy.  Check the pictures,  Pacy has grown up!   May God bless you.
Jules Higiro

A letter from Jules about Anastase

Hello friends,

Just to update you that we have continued to help Anastase (Blind man) to seek further eye treatment because it happens he had a terrible headache.

We took him is a recognized catholic clinic in the south province specializing in Eye treatment. It's called "Kabyayi Hospital".

They will be examining him further to see which way to treat him is best.