Fresh Water – A Gift that Gives Forever VIDEO

Imagine. Imagine not having an unlimited supply of water at the turn of a tap to drink, to wash, to cook. Instead, imagine that your child or grandchild would need to get up at 5:30 on a school morning, in the dark, to walk kilometres with a pail to fetch your water that may not even be safe to drink, and carry it home again before going to school.  Then imagine that your child or grandchild would need to repeat that process after school. That is the reality for children in Gateko village in Rwanda. (Click here to view the video?) But fortunately, you have an opportunity to solve this tragedy. Shelter Them is going to provide the village with a well.

This well that will change the lives of everyone in the village will cost $30,000. The well will be 300 feet deep, and will be powered by a solar pump that will fill two large tanks. One will be located at the Community Centre, currently under construction, that will be the site for our Early Childhood Education program. The other will provide fresh water for all the needs of the 3,000 people in and around the village. The benefits of the well will be life-changing:

·      It will provide a clean, reliable, safe supply of water for all of the villagers’ drinking, washing and cooking needs

·      It will give the children of Gateko hours more each day -  to sleep, to study, to play, to BE CHILDREN

·      It will enable irrigation of crops in the dry season to improve nutrition and farming efficiency

·      It will contribute to the health and general wellbeing of 3,000 people.

You can help to change these lives. Any donation will help, but a $100 donation will pay for one foot of Gateko’s well. Perhaps you or your family, your church or community group, your friends or neighbours would like to take on this particular challenge. Do it knowing that your help will immeasurably change lives, now and for future generations. Thank you for your generosity.