A letter from Anastase in his words

A letter of THANKS
I am a 42 years old man. I live with my three sons and my wife. We are well because one day Shelter Them completely changed my life. Shelter Them found me in a miserable situation. Since my birth I have not seen anyone who came to my help even after I had an eye disease that made me blind. But Shelter Them helped me get food, my kids go to school without any problem. Shelter Them has given me a land where I can grow corn and beans. These kind-hearted people helped me with an eye medical treatment, even though it did not work out they did everything they could. I thank all with all my heart for the volunteers of shelter them, they spend all their time taking care of us, they give us advice that help us overcome our problems in life and help us to find suitable solutions. The house they built for me is far more beautiful than I could have imagined in my life, it looks like one of Executive Secretary of our Sector. I lack words to describe the goodness of this organization, but may God bless the works of their hands, we will keep praying for them.