A letter From Rwanda Hello friends,

After some days trying to get a medical transfer from the Bugesera Clinic to the hospital in Kigali, I decided to bring the kids for a private clinic specialized only in eyes treatment called Dr.Agarwal. Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital originates from India and has a branch in Rwanda.

The reason I decided was because David (eldest boy in the family) failed to write to his sponsor because of his eyes problems, so we decided we have to act quickly before it was too late. The clinic doesn't accept their medical insurances so we paid 100% for all four: Dad and 3 siblings. Fortunately the clinic cost was reduced, the consultation services were 50% off as a sale to its customers for a month. The treatment went well, they were all consulted by a good doctor and given medicines for one month, after we shall go back for evaluation.

What amazed me was the kids normally don't talk. But after treatment I brought them to the office, offered lunch then took them back to the bus park. When the kids were in my vehicles, they started laughing, talking about everything they saw: buildings, cars, the city,etc. You know what, it was the first time these kids has entered in the car, coming in the city and eating chips. They were so happy and opened up. See some of the pictures.

I can't thank you enough for everything, the lives of kids are being changed because of you. May God bless you.