A letter from Rwanda Hello friends November 2012, Manirafasha Patrick was found on the street around midnight by a couple friends of Shelter Them. Patrick was together with another boy, 10 years old while Patrick was 8. The good Samaritans took them to their homes, later contacted Shelter them if they can support them under our programs. As usual Shelter Them could only accept to rescue these boys who were in need of basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education. Shelter Them took them under its programs but the other boy after sometime chose to go back to the street. Patrick stayed and he became a good boy. You know Patrick by his exceptional smile. He is a happy boy, always smiling. In 2015 Patrick came to inform me that he had met unexpectedly his mother on the street while he was coming to Shelter them office together with his colleagues. I asked him to bring her to meet with me at the office.


When I met her, after greetings my first question was: What did you think after all these years without your son? There was no answer to that question but he tried to explain the reasons Patrick escaped from home: His mother was sick, she had a three month old baby girl without any support whatsoever. Sometimes there was no food at home, then the situation pushed Patrick at the age of 7 years to go on street to beg for money to get food. We talked about many things regarding her situation before she left. She continued coming to the Shelter them office and visiting Patrick together with her little 4 years old girl (Patrick’s sister).

One day Patrick came to me and asked me (you could see the emotions he felt for his mum and sister) “Tonton Jules (uncle Jules), would you one day help my mum as well?” That question troubled me! I replied “Yes Patrick, God will help your mother and you will be able to live with her.”

So I felt it was time to visit Patrick’s family. Just see the house Patrick’s mum and her little sister live in (picture below), you will understand my feelings. I can’t be at peace before this family is supported with a house, just a low cost house even. What a gift it would be “Building Patrick’s family house”