Happy New Year..A POEM FROM PAPI



Shelter Them Shelter Them Shelter Them Batarure Rwanda Let us praise you our tenderhearted parent Tenderhearted parent who raised children Children you didn’t give birth Children you got from Heaven

You saved children from the streets You picked them everywhere on the streets Out of love you got from God Amazing love, patient and kind You are infallible tenderhearted parent You take us to school, not to say shelter You fed us and dressed us May you live longer, our tenderhearted parent Our parents who surpass our own parents we left unenthusiastically

We were left orphaned at the tender age We slept in pitiful places On streets during nights without fear We became friends of wild animals We were mocked wherever we pass Shouting at us: “see those gangs” “Arrest them and call Police” As if we were not born like us Shelter Them, Shelter Them Let us praise you our tenderhearted parent Parent who saved us from darkness You put us in light that shines everywhere You gave us good education Education we never had before You taught us to live well with others Kindness is our value, you are infallible tenderhearted parent You surpass other parents

It not just to praise you Your actions are visible to everyone When I see boys and girls I am overwhelmed with joy, and tears flow in my eyes Only my heart knows it my tenderhearted parent I remember a time I was in prison With no food, nor drink But for God has a plan for me He gave me a family; Shelter them Batarure Rwanda Let us applause you for you has set an outstanding example

You display love and kindness For me you brave You accept our bad behaviors We are grateful our tenderhearted parent you did a lot Thank you Lord, you gave us a family Shelter them Batarure Rwanda

See we have become boys and girls youngsters We dressed up and look smart We walk with our shoulders high We give respect to everyone Whoever come across with us is amazed He/she wonders if we are same kids he/she used to see Oh Lord you are so good! We are overwhelmed with joy Happiness we can’t tell Live longer our lovely tenderhearted parent

We wish you all the best our cradle which carry all of us You have a secret gift received from Heaven You really deserve it You taught us to know God To pray and to sing The love we have it abundantly You give everything to take care for us wherever we are We depend on you dear tenderhearted parent Go Shelter Them you amazed us

Shelter Them, Shelter them You pay for our school fees School materials are not spared Your actions are beyond our thinking We desire to become the future leaders Our tenderhearted parent the love you have for us We met when we were still unbearable kids You reformed us kindly without tiring You become our unfailing parents You are truly the gift from Heaven

When can I start my story, is it from 2008? Allow me not to complicate you with my poetical words Because when some of us remember feeding program Where kids were running in all directions Singing that people with good hearts have come Joy coming all over with smiles for everyone We thought it was a normal feeding program But that date, our lives changed for good It was a day God had made for us Shelter Them, Shelter Them you are only one

Shelter Them Shelter them Batarure Batarure Rwanda Never get tired tenderhearted parent Your gift you got it from Heaven See your kids have one slogan: We are sheltered, I am sheltered! Let me jog your memory and interact For those who understand our journey story I am talking Jocelyne & Josephine (Jo&Jo) There is no way I can distinguish them Some say we look alike but these are twins

We know many people who cross borders but never come back We know many people who get drunk of good thinks and forget easily But these people we are telling you are amazing people They are determined to fight for us; disadvantaged young Rwandans For what happened in Rwanda and left us orphaned Wandering all over the streets, and in poor families

Let us talk about them because they deserve our applauses These two people we are talking about are young Rwandans They learnt Rwanda history and they got touched In only past few years kids lots their parents, and parents lost their kids But these two young ladies we are talking were still young, nothing they could do

But they never get lost in the history that characterizing our Country They did what they can in their potentials So that we as Rwanda children could live happily and in peace No other weapons they use other than looking for us friends Those are our new parents; Jocelyne & Josephine

It’s not for everybody to give himself/herself at your extent It not easy to understand that kind of love you gave us You are outstanding parents Let me thank people who crossed seas and oceans Just to come to help people with different race But I can’t thank enough those who always are close to us Helping us on daily basis Shelter them Batarure Rwanda

We are happy and peaceful We go to school but never cease to pray for others Young girls and boys who are still living on the streets We have a wish to help them when we will become self-dependents And give our contributions for the development of our beloved Country

I only say goodbye but not because you don’t mean a lot to me I pray to my Almighty God who dwells in Heaven, For him He has abundant love and peace, may He stays with you forever.

Yours, Papi ( Bananimana Jean Claude )