How do you spell hope? E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N


How do you spell hope? E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N Meet our new Kindergarten teachers in Kigali!. Here is another way in which Shelter Them can provide real help with lifelong benefits. In an exciting new venture, Shelter Them has converted part of its office space to provide early childhood education to needy children in Kigali. Starting in May 28 this year, 15 kids receive the benefit of the sort of programming that we in the West might take for granted. The Early Childhood Development program is headed by Julius Twahirwa, who was recently hired for the position. With a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s degree in Education Funding and Management, Julius is amply qualified as Head Teacher of the program.

A Shelter Them Ambassador about her trip

What Shelter Them Ambassadors Alice A is saying after visiting our children in Rwanda.

“ I don’t even know how to summarize my time with Shelter Them. And I am a bit biased because I already had a relationship with the organization prior to this trip but, let me just say this: What started as a meal service to street kids after church is becoming a trailblazer in: 1) Providing a home to abandoned or orphaned children 2) Supporting families living in extreme poverty 3) Opening an early childhood education program 4) Empowering caregivers with skills to raise the kids in a loving environment 5) Education! Éducation! Education! Aaaaaaand, Don’t even get me started on the Bugesera project!. I’ll probably sit with its founders, the twins Josephine & Jocelyne someday to tell you more! It was an absolute honour to have spent the last few days with an incredibly compassionate team, courageous caregivers and children full of hope for the future! Stay tuned. You will definitely hear about Shelter Them - Batarure soon”

A great "green" fundraiser

Check out how people are changing life through recycling. Thank you David Jenkins for your work in Newfoundland Shelter Them invites you to recycle and change the lives of children at the same time. By recycling for Shelter Them you will also receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. It's simple to do: just drop off your recyclables at the Carbonear GreenDepot, tell them it's for Shelter Them Carbonear and then message me the day you drop your items off. No need for you to wait in any lineup... I will get an email from the depot stating how much your donation was and will issue you a receipt at the end of the year. Hope to hear from you.