Transformation is these lives

Only few years ago since these boys were found at birth from the streets or abandoned and NOW to seeing them with a smile, growing strong and becoming successful. David Jenkins has done an amazing job with the Shelter Them sponsorship program. A big Thank You to Grandpa Jenkins for all his commitment and love to the work. We are so proud of what Shelter Them is doing

A new year with new chances to succeed

This proud community of Bugesera is doing well with their Micro finance project. Thank you to everyone who donated money towards the goats! Why Micro finance? It creates economic sustainability and self-reliance for the people in Bugesera District hashtag#Rwanda. It allows people to earn their living through informal markets and self-employment by creating and operating their own small enterprises. Financial services can empower individuals economically and socially by allowing them to better manage their lives. It can also help them to better integrate into a country’s economy by actively contributing to economic growth while giving them a stake in their communities.



Miracles happen and only Maria from Bugesera can say that at this time of the year! She was practically homeless...a dollar or so a month for her one bedroom rent living with her 3 children. 
She touched our hearts the first time we laidy eyes on her and thanks to Pam and Blair who continued to follow up on her she now just got a key to her own home today as a Christmas gift. Thank you to all who got involved in helping Maria find meaning to her life again. God bless.