Jules - Rwandan Team Leader
Jules Higiro is the Country Director and the Vice-Chairman for Shelter Them  – Rwanda. His passion is to serve people in every way possible and help them obtain their dreams and maximize their potential.

Jules participated in the liberation of Rwanda that stopped the genocide of Tutsis in 1994 and then served in the Rwandan Defence Forces for ten years after the liberation.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BBA) from the Kigali Institute of Science, Management and Technology (KIST). After his military service, he became a civil servant in the Rwandan Demobilization and Reintegration Program. Jules also worked with the United Nations from 2007 to 2012, first with peacekeeping operations in Sudan later as a law enforcement advisor with the United Nations Development Programme in South Sudan. A devout Christian, Jules volunteered to lead the Prison Fellowship Outreach Ministry at the Malakal Central Prison in South Sudan. He has also been a member of The Strongest Oak Foundation’s Rwandan Advisory Board since 2012. Strongest Oak is an international non-profit organization formed to support African schools and communities.


Sylvine - Bugasera Community Support Manager
Sylvine's primary role is to support the families and children under the Shelter Them programs to live as independently as possible. She is responsible for the management and implementation of Shelter Them programs and the monitoring of children and families to ensure they are receiving the appropriate support. Sylvine is a degreed social worker who works directly with Shelter Them sponsored children and families to provide counselling and training and other assistance as needed.


Gloria - Kigali Family Coordinator
Gloria works with families and individuals to help those in need. Her role is to coordinate housing, healthcare, education, counselling and rehabilitative services as needed. Gloria is also a member of Shelter Them Rwanda’s Conflict Resolution Committee


Philemon - Administration Manager

Philemon manages the general administration of the organization. He is also responsible for the financial aspects, such as general ledger management, account reconciliations, payroll, financial and governmental reporting and monthly and annual cost reporting