Bugesera Vocational School

 Building a vocational school to house and train the Shelter Them children community is our ultimate goal and ambition as an organization. We already have the plot of land in the Bugesera District and also all the necessary feasibility and environmental impact assessments, and we are now looking for partners to make this project a reality.


We aspire that once completed, the vocational school will be the first of many in Rwanda, and that the model can even be replicated successfully across Africa.

Given the nature, rationale and goals of the project, coupled with our own mission and development drive, we want this school to be relevant in the sense that gives children a clear path towards a career in an area of the economy that requires specialist talent.

This first school has an estimated cost of circa USD 1 million and thus we are looking to partner with organizations that see the project as a conduit to generate their own sustainable future, whereby they can influence generations of future professionals in designing their skills to cater for their own continuing demands in terms of local workforce.

We all have connections and skills, join us in this amazing project.

If you can help us reach our goals please contact us to discuss our future together.