In early 2017 the team in Rwanda had decided it best to start teaching families in the Bugesera district how to farm in order to feed their families.  We divided out 8 parcels of our land for 8 families and brought in an expert to teach us all how to farm well.

That first month was an exciting one as together we learned, cleaned the land, prepared it and sowed the seeds.  A short few months later there were tears of joy as the harvest began.  The average harvest for each of the 8 families was 80 Kgs of beans and 50 Kgs of maize.  For a first harvest of that size from rookie farmers we were all so excited.  Not only did these families have fresh food to bring home to eat but they were able to sell some in order to buy what they lacked.  

We did have an unplanned surprise we would like to share...not only did these 8 families have enough to save for the coming weeks, they shared with their neighbours who were in need too.  They were providing for their friends and families.  

We hope to continue this amazing project and to see these families flourish.  Imagine for the first time in many years being able to eat everyday, buy something and to be able to help others without reservations.  That brings community, confidence and hope in a future that now has options, not one of darkness and hopelesness 

If you have connections in the agriculture industry and would like to help us grow this amazing project contact us and help change lives and bring a future to them