The Shelter Them Early Childhood Development Centre

“the Power of Choice”

The central goal of Shelter Them is to provide children with the skills necessary to lead productive and independent lives. Absolutely essential in achieving this goal is to provide them with a good education. In North America and Europe, parents generally understand the importance of children getting an early start to education, and have access to many options to give their children a headstart before kindergarten.

There are many advantages to early childhood education…

· Kids stay in school longer

· They are more likely to be employed in high skill jobs

· Their future earnings are increased by as much as 25%

In Third World countries, improved nutrition enables children to achieve their full physical, cognitive and social potential. And caregivers can learn improved parenting skills.

In Rwanda, primary education is provided by the government to all Rwandan children, but many families, often headed by single mothers, cannot afford the cost of expensive early childhood education. In fact, it is not at all uncommon that working mothers are forced to lock their children inside their homes while they go to work to provide food and shelter for the family. These children are behind in school before they even start.

Shelter Them has created a solution, we have provided our own “Early Development Centre – the Power of Choice”. Shelter Them converted part of its office space to provide early childhood education to needy children in Kigali. Starting in May 28, 2019, 15 youngsters under six years of age began to receive the benefit of the sort of programming that we in the West take for granted. The Early Childhood Development program will be headed by Julius Twahirwa who, with a great education, is amply qualified as Head Teacher of the program. He has designed the children’s programming and trained our caregivers, giving them new skills that will give them an opportunity for an independent future. So everyone benefits from this great program.

The Rwandan government has plans to provide ECD centres across Rwanda, and because of the publicity our Centre has received, we have been asked to open others. This is a very exciting time for Shelter Them, with the government’s support we are at the forefront of efforts in to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families in Rwanda