Micro Financing is a great way you can help

The Bugesera District is known to be suffering from poverty and it's people need a helping hand.  This is why Shelter Them was entrusted land in this area, to bring hope, a future and help these people rise above their past to be the bright future of this area.

For rural families owning a goat is an incredible asset. They are great dairy animals. The families can milk their goats and have a very nutritious drink as well as sell it to support their families. They make manure which is great for fertilizing their fields. An average goat produces over a ton of manure every year, and the feces are in pellet form which makes them easy to handle. Goats are a good size compared to cows, and that size makes them easier to handle and to train.

With your gift families will benefit from milk, manure, fertilizer, wealth creation, agricultural development and helping families become self-sufficient are the major difference you can make with us as we help those in need


We hope you will join us in turning the lives of the destitute around. For $50 you can help give a family the chance to succeed and answer their prayer for a chance to step up


Along with local leaders, our team in Rwanda has chosen the best routes to take in helping bring smiles back to Bugesera.  We have mended and reconstructed several homes that were in major need of repair to a place where the families will sleep dry free from a leaking roof and will invite their friends over joyfully for instead of feeling inadequate and hopeless.

We recognize that sometimes people just need help getting a leg up so we provide enough staples to help certain families start to get ahead of the game and teach them how to manage and make money.  We have provided health insurance for many and helped them get care.

A nutrition center is also a part of our Bugesera project.  In the coming years a building will be built to better suit this need but in the meantime a community center is used to have the children come and eat a healthy meal, learn songs, have dance lessons and let them be kids.  This part is the most important we feel because it brings people of all ages together to enjoy life together and to have an encouraging time of fun, learning and love.

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