A passionate group of people focused on helping kids in Rwanda who need a helping hand


About Us

Our Mission is to empower vulnerable and underprivileged children in Rwanda, by first ensuring they are integrated in an environment where their basic growth and development needs are met, and by subsequently providing them and their families with the tools and resources they need for these children to have a bright, independent and sustainable future ahead.    

The story of how we started
The organization was born in the hearts of twin sisters, Josephine and Jocelyne, who have lived in Canada since the late 1990's. During their first visit back to Rwanda in more than a decade, the girls visited a feeding program for street children at in Kimihurura-Kigali at a church service. This program was run by Jules.  They were immediately struck by the unforgiving living conditions faced by these children and how much need was needed. After returning to Canada they reflected on their own journey and hardships they went through growing up as well as others they’d witnessed in Rwanda. In 2005 they were driven to act and began mobilizing their friends and community members to begin Shelter Them Poverty Relief and come along side Jules and his team to help them reach out to those desperate street kids that needed a helping hand.

The Impact We Make        

SHELTER THEM is not focused on aid. The Organization is instead focused on empowering children with the tools they need to design their own bright future. This is achieved in the following ways:

1 - Integration of orphans and other vulnerable and underprivileged children in families

2 - Creation of the conditions in which underprivileged families with children can generate an environment for these children to grow and develop that is humane, sane and healthy, 

a - Provision of exhaustive support, including health care, socio-economic and 
spiritual support  

b - Provision of access to education

3 - Empowering underprivileged families with children to develop self-sustaining ways to live and work, ensuring children are given an adequate environment to grow and develop that will allow them to also become independent and self-sufficient in the future                        

4 - To network and create partnerships with other National and International Non-Governmental Organizations, National Institutions, and other organizations involved in similar activities

Our Team inside Rwanda

Our team combines a good spread of skills and nationalities, united by a common passion – Helping children becoming the masters of their own future by having an unconstrained choice over how to design that future