Here is the third family SENGIYOMANA Sylvan. They were so happy. Remember this family was much affected by malnutrition in last year November.  I remember one of his kids after Shelter Them rescued them, met me after one month and overwhelmingly said: “the food you gave us was so delicious, that food “kills our hunger” (literal translation). I am sure now this food not only will kill their hunger but will sustain them.


The fourth familyMBABAJENDE Anastase (The blind man). Anastase’s wife is making her last harvest. This family amazed us.  They took the lead to get their field done, they were also the first to enjoy the harvest. It’s so encouraging to see this family working for themselves to earn a living, it’s possible for everyone when getting a hand! 


Family #5 Umuryango wa MUKANGWIJE Francine. The crops will be ready for harvest in the next couple weeks!