A letter from our Rwandan team

The two elder boys in Shelter Them, Papi and Havugimana today got their final results of their end of secondary school. Great news for The Shelter Them family especially that they passed all of the tests. These guys passed through hardships before they joined Shelter Them, this was reflected all along their studies and their behaviors. But the Shelter Them leadership was so close to them to help overcome the past and focus on their future. When the sponsorship started they were connected to their sponsors and received words of encouragement and suppor. When the mission trip members/or sponsors came in October 2016, they weren’t able to meet Havugimana as he were still at school preparing for national exam. Papi’s school wasn’t far from where the sponsors lived, so the sponsors decided to pay him a visit. Papi’s sponsors; Neil and Mike were able to take time and speak with him. Papi was his first time to see his sponsor Neil, he was so happy because Neil has been writing to him many loving words that touched his life. On that day Neil requested to ask permission to the school Master to spend at least one day with Papi, the request was granted. I don’t know what Papi and his sponsors conversed but I could see that he was determined to do well his upcoming exam. The day he left for school, we were all at the soccer children tournament event, Neil accompanied him and I could see dad and son spending time. I think Papi felt a fatherly love emotion that pushed him to work so hard so that his sponsors would hear something good from him for the work that took him in hurry without passing his time with his sponsors. Finally Papi and Claude made it, it’s time for their sponsors to celebrate together the success for their national exam. Personally I was not expecting this, especially for Papi but he proved me that he can do that. The change in him these last few months has been incredible This is really a great success for Shelter Them, all our elder boys have worked so hard to make us proud! See the pictures, they are grateful. Claude has dedicated his success to God, and Papi can’t just believe it, amazing! May God bless you all, your love is amazing.
Jules and Bright