In 2012 the Shelter Them team from Canada visited Rwanda with a wonderful group of volunteers.  During our visit we hosted a fundraiser and gave away four donated wheelchairs to families in need.  The next day we met one of these children at their home.  What we saw moved us to tears.  The little disabled girl named Olivia was scootching around the mud on her back side.  Because they lived in a slum the wheelchair we had given was unusable. 

Then we visited her home.  It was a four square meter shack where all five of them lived, slept and cooked.  Even our Rwanda team was crying, the same ones that see poverty everyday.  Right there and then we knew why this little girl crossed our paths, and we decided that her family would have an amazing Christmas present that year.  We thank God that we were able to quickly raise enough money to bring this beautiful family out of the destitute life and into a new home where Olivia and her sisters could be safe