OUR MUGISHA HOME   Since 2005 Shelter Them has been gaining respect from local authorities in Kigali, Rwanda. This home is filled with children brought to us by the government because of our good reputation.  In November 2014, Mugisha had been brought to us and there had not yet been enough funds to support a sixth home, but there has been discussion about opening one soon.  Because of our selfless staff and volunteers in Rwanda Mugisha was saved from the streets and this new home was opened.  These children, and mother, are close and now a part of a bigger family

Mugisha Innocent   was abandoned at the local market near when a woman found him at 6 pm and took him to Police who in turn handed him over to the local authority in charge of social affairs. Shelter Them was asked to take care of this child but we had not yet started the sixth home.  So Bright, a Shelter Them staffer accepted this child to care for till the new home was set up.  Much discussion was started about the new home, its need and the funds that were not yet ready. So in faith the 6th home was opened.  Mugisha has the honour of having this home named after him


Muhawenimana Gervais   The mother of this little boy was housed by her friend then after she departed without notice leaving her 2 months old baby.  After some days, the friend realized that the mother would not return and that Gervais had been abandoned.  She did the best she could to raise him for two years till her money dried up. She dropped of the child to local authorities and asked if they could find a good Samaritan to care of him.  This good Samaritan did the best she could till a stable home would be found. After a month Shelter Them was asked to accept and care for him.  He is now part of a great loving family


Patrick Rugema   is the only son of Uwantege Veneranda, the mother of this home. After the genocide Uwantege was the only survivor of 12 siblings and her entire family were murdered.  Rugema’s mother became pregnant at an early age without proper marriage arrangement because of the situation she was living in. Rugema last saw his father at the age of 5. According to his mother, Rugema’s father left Rwanda, but doesn’t know his whereabouts. This small family stuck together through very hard times until they joined at Shelter Them


Bayisenge   Days after giving birth to this baby girl, the mother ran away from the hospital.  An unsuccessful search was made to find Bayisenge's mother, who suffers from mental illness. Shelter Them was soon contacted by local authorities and asked us to take this baby to join the Mugisha Home. We gave her the name Sandrine and brought her to the hospital for a checkup where she was declared a healthy baby.  Now she can grow in a stable family and be cared for the way a child needs.