kanombe house

What a beautiful family! This home belongs to a family of six. Growing up in extreme poverty was how five of these children their lives before Shelter Them helped in 2009. Their Father abondoned the family when their mother was pregnant with their sixth child. Nothing was left for the family to eat or survive on, but their mother tried as she kept her children together. On the way to the hospital in much pain, to give birth to Joshua, she asked a neighbour to watch over her children in case she did not make it. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened, after giving birth to Joshua she passed away.
That neighbour contacted Shelter Them and told them the story of these children. Immediately we responded and raised the funds to open our third home. Since 2009, they have grown up and accepted Clarisse as their new mother. Clarisse has been overjoyed with these children and has bonded with them. While speaking with her she has mentioned how she feels they have given her life a satisfaction and joy

Joshua Niyonziza   born 2009


Josiane Mukeshimana  born 2003


Daniel Niyitegeka   born 2005


Sandrine Niyigena  born 1999


Josette Mbabazi     born 2001


Elly Itangishaka       born 1996