2012 - Full Circle

In May 2012, Jocelyne and Josephine appeared on Full Circle to discuss how they are changing lives in Rwanda, where they introduced the 100 days of change campaign. This program aired May 2012 and has been provided by Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. 

2008 - 100 Huntley Street

We were so excited to be invited to speak at this life changing show. During this episode we spoke about the twins growing up in Rwanda and how they were affected by the 1994 Genocide and how through Shelter Them a difference was being made.


This was our first TV appearance. The show was live and went from 2-4 AM. We were invited to help speak with and pray with the people who call in. It was a great time and we hope lives were changed during this time.

2010 - MY TOWN

In 2010, our team in Newfoundland had arranged for us to speak on their TV show called My Town. Jo & Jo sat down with them and spoke about the twins past before coming to Canada and their plans for the future of Shelter Them. It was a wonderful experience sharing the work of Shelter Them.

2008 - ROGERS TV

After our 100 Days of Change campaign in 2008, we were able to join Rogers and share our passion with Toronto, where we were able to announce our annual Fundraising Gala, and meet the great presenters of Rogers.