OUR GIRLS HOME   Our girls home consists of four girls and one mother living together as a family.  The difference this life has been for them is night and day.  In the past they used to hide at night from the weather and from people.   Now they go to school, have meals Donata, their mother has made and spend time with their new sisters.  We all know what trouble awaits young girls on the streets and we thank God that we were able to provide this home for them

Ikirezi Kevine this young lady is the daughter of the house mother Donata. They lived and slept in the fields and ditches.  They had each other but nothing else. Now they are a family of five in a home and no longer have to endure the hardships of street life. Joy has been restored and hope is now in their hearts


Uwimbabazi Kevine has had the hardest life of all our children. Her mother died in 2000 when she was a baby. Her father remarried but his new wife despised her. When her father left the family things got worse. From age 4 to 9 she was a slave, severely beaten everyday and dealt with as if she was an animal.  When we rescued her both her legs needed much therapy as well as many other wounds. It is because of Shelter Them that she can now be loved and become a part of a family

Uwimana Shakira was born in 1998, and lost her mother when she was only five. She says her father is in the Kigali prison despite never seeing him before. After her mother's death, she lived with her aunt for several years despite her being very poor. Eventually a neighbour contacted Shelter Them and we decided to take her in and give her a future.  To watch a short video interview click here

Keza Uwumuhoza Kevine  the oldest of our girls, was born in 1996.  She has never met her father. When she was 11 her mother passed away and moved in with her uncle. She lived in very bad conditions and was unsafe. A neighbour encouraged her to come to church to pray and spend time with her. Eventually we learned about her and decided to bring her under our wings. Being the big sister of the house has given her a sense of family and is now treated lovingly