There are many ways that you can get involved....

Over the years, we have often been asked "How can I help?".  We always need volunteers!  For example, we need people to solicit sponsors and silent auction items for our Gala. There have been supporters from all over Canada using creative ways to fundraise.  We have, and continue to be, involved with some wonderful people with big hearts and we hope that you can be one of them. Below are some suggestions on how to get involved. 

If you have any suggestions on other ways you could provide support, please contact us!


Invite Us   

When invited to churches and schools we are always excited about the opportunity to share our stories. There have been high schools and grade schools where we emotionally connected with the children. It is not all about fundraising for us, we also see the need here in Canada to have positive role models demonstrating the value of hard work and a spirit of generosity. 


Walk-a-Thons or Marathons   

Do you have friends and family who enjoy long walks or running marathons? How about bicycle races or rallies?  What better way to fundraise then by doing what you love?  Shelter Them will advertise on our website for you and will help out in any way we can.  In 2009, we held a walk-a-thon and helped to spread the word of how we are changing lives.  In 2015, one of our team members ran an international marathon with all funds raised donated to Shelter Them. 


Birthday Parties   

Over the years we have had several people host birthday parties and requested a donation to Shelter Them in lieu of gifts.  What a wonderful idea, knowing that your celebration is making a huge impact on future generations.  Tony in Caledon was able to raise over $1000!  You can do the same for anniversaries or wedding parties.  Please contact us so we can provide support, information that you can share on social media, or any other help sharing with our community.


Cut Your Hair!   

It may sound strange but you would be surprised at how much money you can raise by cutting or waxing hair.  In 2010, Mike shaved his hair and raised $2700!  That same year several people shaved their moustaches to reach their goals, including one of our board members David Jenkins. Help us out and look younger at the same time!


Change Boxes   

It's amazing how much you raise with a change box placed in the right spot.  Skyservice BAS has one right beside their espresso machine and they raised almost $700 in 2009.  A well-made wooden box with a Plexiglas window can look nice anywhere especially when it holds our beautiful brochures. It also works well during the 100 Days of Change campaign we have every year between April and July. Please contact us if you would like us to send you our brochures.



Do you know someone who works in TV?  How about the radio or a newspaper? Our first interview on 100 Huntley Street had an incredible impact.  We've been in several papers and magazines since and are always looking for opportunities to connect with the media.  If you have any media coverage to offer, help us share our amazing story! You can visit our media page to see where we have been for inspiration


Concerts or Plays

Everyone enjoys a good concert or theatrical performance.  Shelter Them has held concerts, with the most recent one hosted by our supporters in London, Ontario.  Contact us if you would like to host an entertainment fundraiser and let’s talk about your plans. We know there are many talented people out there that would love a reason to put on a show!

Every bit you do helps us change lives!

We thank you for your support.  Without you, there is no us.