OUR BOYS HOME                                                                                                                                  It is hard for us to believe the life these boys have lived. Imagine losing your family and being left on the street as a little child. All the dreams and hopes they once had were crushed with little hope for the future.  But we thank God that we were able to help.                                 Shelter Them has provided these boys with a totally new life.  Instead of dreaming about staying dry during the rainy season, they now can dream about one day owning their own home. We have given them a chance to enjoy their youth and to learn what life can be like when given love and a chance at a great future


Jean d'Amoure Irandakunda is the youngest in our Boys Home. His mother was so traumatized by the genocide that her memory did not work and was unable to cope with simple things. Jean left for the streets early on because of the lack of care from his parents. Fortunately we found him and gave him a new lease on life. He is a very shy boy and does not like to talk about his past, but he is fitting in well with his 3 older brothers and is well loved 

Jean Claude Banamimana was born in 1993. At the age of one his father was murdered and at 3 years old he lost his mother.  After several difficult years with his grandparents, he moved to Kigali to try and start a fresh life, but his situation did not improve. We are happy to say that Jean Claude's new life is amazing . He continues to be one of the top students in his class and he continues to do well in school.  He is also the captain of his school soccer team

Jean Claude Havugimana was not accepted by his father, and his mother had AIDS and psycological issues due to the genocide. He left on his own and tried to find his own way. He once told us β€œit hurts so bad to live on the streets, I only live by Gods grace and I pray that he will take away the pain one day.”  By providing a home for Jean Claude Shelter Them has given him the oppurtunity to focus his attention on the future. He is doing great in school and he is     making happy memories with his new home and family

BOSCO 2014

John Bosco Niyomugabo was born in 1996, although not a child of the genocide, his family died of natural causes. Because his family did not treat him well he left for the city to try life on his own. He has had a hard life of neglect and fending for himself. After so long on the streets he missed much in school and after joining us he had to start classes with young children, but he is putting an effort that makes us proud