We are so thankful you are interested in what we do and how you want to get involved.  If you choose to sponsor a Boy here are the future men of Rwanda that we are helping to rise up from their past


Pacifique Niyibiza   Born:  April 11, 2003

In 2012 Shelter Them was introduced to Pacifique when we gave him a wheelchair during our mission trip. He was severely mentally and physically handicapped and living with a single mom who was HIV/AIDS positive. We assisted them since then but in May of 2016, regrettably, his mom passed away. He was taken by his grandparents who live in extreme poverty. Your sponsorship will enable Pacifique to have access to health care and nutritious food thus greatly improving his quality of life


Brian Mugisha   Born: 2011 

Brian is 5 years old and desperately needs your help to lift him out of his life of poverty. He lives in a mud shack with his dad, mom, 3 brothers and a baby sister. His dad is physically and mentally disabled as a result of the 1994 genocide where all of his family were killed and because of this is able to work very little to provide for his family. Your sponsorship will enable Brian to have an opportunity for a happy life and hope for a promising future.           


David Iradukunda   Born: 2006

David and his 2 younger brothers live a life of extreme poverty.  Their dad is totally blind now due to a degenerative eye disease and is unable to provide for the family. David and his 2brothers are already showing signs of the eye disease but have been unable to obtain treatment because they are too poor to buy medical insurance. Through your sponsorship you can provide David with hope and raise him up from a life of poverty and hopelessness


Emmanuel Niyonzima   Born: 2012

This 4 year old little boy needs your help immediately. He is visibly malnourished and poorly clothed as you can see. His family survives on the little money his father makes from casual labour. They have no land so they can’t provide any food for themselves. For $ 40.00 a month you can raise Emmanuel above the crisis situation he lives in and bring him hope for a bright future          


Razaro Dusengimana   Born: 2011

Razaro is 5 years old and he desperately needs your help. His dad has a degenerative eye disease and is now totally blind and is unable to provide for his family. The eye disease appears to be hereditary and Razaro and his brothers are already showing symptoms but they have not been tested because the family has no medical insurance. Your sponsorship will give this adorable little boy a chance for a promising future


Eriya Tuyizere   Born: 2008

This 8 year old boy is in desperate need of someone to come to his aid. His dad is blind due to a hereditary eye condition and already Eriya and his 2 brothers are showing signs of the degenerative eye disease. They have not been diagnosed because they have no medical insurance and therefore are unable to start any treatment. With your help Eriya can have a chance for a happy, healthy life and a bright future that every child deserves  


Jean Paul Banimana   Born: May 20, 2000              

Jean Paul was born to peasant farmers in a family of 8 children. His older brother, Jean Claude, left home at 9 years of age to live on the streets of Kigali because his family couldn’t provide for them. Jean Claude has been in the Shelter Them program since 2012. In August 2016 Jean Claude passed away due to a sudden illness. His wish was that his younger brother, Jean Paul, also be part of the Shelter Them family so he could live a happy life with nutritious food, health care and an education. Your sponsorship will make Jean Claude’s dying wish for his brother a reality



Fabrice Kwizerakurarema   Born: 2013

This precious 3 yr old little boy lives in extreme poverty with his sister, brothers, mom and dad in deplorable conditions. His dad was left physically and mentally disabled following the 1994 genocide and is unable to work and provide for his family. Your sponsorship will ensure that Fabrice has nutritious food and is able to go to    school. A Shelter Them social worker will work with the family to provide them with hope and a bright future


Felestian Beminyimana   Born: 2003

Felestian’s story is so sad. He is 13 years old and has an 11 year old brother. Their mom is dead and they were abandoned by their alcoholic father. The authorities found them on the street with parasites and tics borrowing in to their feet and were able to find an elderly Aunt who took them in despite having difficulty providing for herself. You can see the despair and malnutrition on his face but for only $ 40.00 a month you can provide hope to this precious child


Yohana Harerimana   Born: 2005

Yohana’s story is so sad. He is 11 years old and has an old brother. Their mom is dead and they were abandoned by their alcoholic father. The authorities found the boys on the street with parasites and tics burrowing in to their feet and            were able to find an elderly Aunt who took them in despite having difficulty providing for herself. You can see the despair and malnutrition on his face but for only $ 40.00 a month you can provide hope to Yohana


Giovanni Irasubazi   Born: 2014

This adorable 2 yr old boy was left with a neighbour by his HIV positive mom. The neighbour was already raising her niece Angelique, who has been part of the Shelter Them family for 2 years now. When we went to visit them in November on our 2016 Mission trip we were introduced to Giovanni. Your sponsorship will ensure this precious little boy will have the opportunity for a brighter future


Marcel Iradukunda    Born: July 30, 1995    

This young man struggled with life from a very early age. He was born to a single mom living with HIV/AIDS and regrettably he lost his mom on May of 2016. Shelter Them has supported him with school fees since 2015 but since the death of his mom, he needs more than that to live a normal life. Your sponsorship will ensure that Marcel has a loving home, health care, food, an education and a life that every child deserves.


Mugisha Innocent   Born: 2012               

This boy was abandoned at the local market near when a woman found him at 6 pm and took him to Police who in turn handed him over to the local authority in charge of social affairs. Shelter Them was asked to take care of this child but we had not yet started the sixth home.  So Bright, a Shelter Them staffer accepted this child to care for till the new home was set up.  Much discussion was started about a new home, its need and the funds that were not yet ready. So in faith the 6th home was opened.  Mugisha has the honour of having this home named after him


Muhawenimana Gervais   Born: 2012                 

The mother of this little boy was housed by her friend then after she departed without notice leaving her 2 months old baby.  After some days, the friend realized that the mother would not return and that Gervais had been abandoned.  She did the best she could to raise him for two years till her money dried up. She dropped of the child to local authorities and asked if they could find a good Samaritan to care of him.  This good Samaritan did the best she could till a stable home would be found. After a month Shelter Them was asked to accept and care for him.  He is now part of a great loving family




Patrick Rugema   Born: September 22, 2006

He is the only son of Uwantege Veneranda, the mother of this home. After the genocide Uwantege was the only survivor of 12 siblings and her entire family were murdered.  Rugema’s mother became pregnant at an early age without proper marriage arrangement because of the situation she was living in. Rugema last saw his father at the age of 5. According to his mother Rugema’s father left Rwanda but doesn’t know of his whereabouts. This small family stuck together through very hard times until they joined at Shelter Them


Philbert Mukunzi   Born: June 5, 2006

Philbert and his brother were living with a relative after the death of their mother. They lived in such poverty that their relative found herself unable to care for them, and subsequently brought both boys to Shelter Them after hearing about the organization for the first time. Philbert and his brother now live in a Shelter Them home. Your sponsorship will ensure that Philbert receives a chance for a brighter future


Zephilin Mutsinzi   Born: August 15, 2004

After Zephilin's new stepmother refused to accept him and his brother into their new home, both boys were taken by a relative who soon found herself unable to care for them. She turned the boys over to Shelter Them after hearing about their reputation for rescuing children. Zephilin now lives with his brother in a Shelter Them home and is excelling academically with a 95% average. Your sponsorship will continue to give Zephilin hope for a wonderful future


IRENEE GATETE   Born: 2007

Irenee joined the Shelter Them family in November 2013. His father abused and tortured him constantly and no one knows the whereabouts of his mother. His father is now in prison for committing other serious crimes. One night a lady found Irenee alone on the streets at 11 p.m. and took him home but she was unable to care for him. She contacted the State and a social affairs state official brought him to the Shelter Them office. Now God has opened another chapter for this precious child. Your sponsorship will ensure that he has hope and a bright future


Patrick Manirafasha   Born: January 3, 2006

Patrick and another young boy were living on the streets when they were discovered one night in November by a couple that had recently attended a Shelter Them Gala. The Christian couple knew the two boys needed help and took them home. A few days later the boys were brought to Shelter Them who were able to provide a home for both boys. In January, Patrick proudly began school for the first time. Your sponsorship will ensure that Patrick is provided with the things every child should have


Joshua Niyonziza   Born: May 16, 2009

Joshua is the youngest of 6 siblings whose mom died during childbirth. Prior to her death the husband abandoned the family and the mom lived in extreme poverty. A neighbour heard about Shelter Them and narrated their story. Shelter Them responded immediately. Joshua is now a thriving 3 year old boy full of life and joy. Your sponsorship gives him hope for a promising future

Bryan Iradukunda.JPG

Bryan lradukunda   Born: November 20, 2011

Bryan was found abandoned outside someone's gate at the age of only two months. The local authorities brought him to Shelter Them, knowing of their reputation for rescuing abandoned children. Bryan, who recently turned one, now lives in a Shelter Them home with a new mother who loves him as her own.  Your sponsorship will ensure that Bryan is cared for and receives all the things he needs to live a healthy and happy life


Daniel Niyitegeka   Born: June 13, 2005

Daniel"s mother passed away during the birth of his younger brother, Joshua. Daniel was only four years old at the time. But thanks to the intervention of a neighbour who contacted Shelter Them with the family's story, Daniel and his 5 siblings were saved from certain death. Shelter Them was able to provide a home and a caregiver for the children. Your sponsorship will ensure that Daniel's needs are met and that he grows up in a loving home surrounded by his siblings


Elie ltangishaka   Born: June 13, 1996 

Elie is the eldest of 6 children whose mom passed away while giving birth to Joshua. Elie wasn't even 13 years old at the time and with no father he was left with the responsibility of his 5 siblings. A neighbour, who had heard about Shelter Them, intervened. Ever since, the siblings have lived together in a Shelter Them home with a loving caregiver. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Elie to realize his dreams

Jean D'Amour

Jean D'Amour lradukunda   Born: Sept 14, 1998

Jean D'Amour, a very shy boy, was brought to Shelter Them two years ago by his aunt. His mother, a genocide survivor, was unable to provide for him due to an injury and resulting mental instability caused by the genocide. Your sponsorship will allow Jean D'Amour to grow up in a happy, caring home and will help provide for his future

Jean Bosco 2014

Jean Bosco Niyomugabo   Born: Jan 1, 1996 

After the death of Jean Bosco's parents when he was very young, he lived with his relatives until the age of nine. He was then forced to live on the streets to try to escape the extreme poverty of his family. He was discovered by Shelter Them while attending one of their local feeding programs, and was one of the first children to enter a Shelter Them home. Your sponsorship will allow Jean Bosco, who is now 15, to finish his education and provide him with a brighter future


Jean Claude Bananimana   Born: January 1, 1993  

Jean Claude never knew his dad and his mom died when he was only 1 year old. His grandmother raised him in extreme poverty until the age of 8, when he went to live on the street to beg for food. He came to the feeding program that Shelter Them supported at a local church. Since Shelter Them took Jean Claude into one of their homes he is thriving. He goes away to attend secondary school he recently he tried out for the national soccer team. Help Jean Claude realize his dreams


Jean Claude Havugimana   Born: April 5, 1993

Jean Claude's life on the streets began at a young age. In his own words, "It hurts so bad to live on the streets. I only live by God's grace and I pray that He will take away the pain one day." Since Shelter Them rescued Jean Claude, he is excelling in school and enjoying his life in a Shelter Them home. Your sponsorship will help Jean Claude finish his education and help remove the pain from his life