Shelter Them-Batarure-Rwanda is a Christian Charitable National Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda receive the basics of life, including nutrition, shelter, education, healthcare, and emotional support, and to play a part in Rwanda’s bright future. The organization was born in the hearts of two twin sisters, Josephine and Jocelyne, who currently live in Canada. During their first visit back to Rwanda in more than a decade, the girls met with  street children at in Kimihurura-Kigali where they were attending church service. They were immediately struck by the unforgiving living conditions faced by these children. After returning to Canada they reflected on their own journey and the hardships they’d witnessed in Rwanda. They were impelled to act, and began mobilizing their friends and community members to begin the first child poverty alleviation activities that ultimately gave rise to Shelter Them.

10 years later, Shelter Them is an established registered charitable organization in Canada, with teams operating in both Canada and Rwanda. The organization provides ongoing support for 30+ orphans and vulnerable children across 8 homes, as well as supporting programs that provide healthcare to families, and skills training to promote self-sufficiency and employment. Most recently, Shelter Them has been granted 5 acres of land by the Rwandan government to construct a community for orphans, vulnerable children, and families, and to facilitate opportunities for long term self-sufficiency.