OUR MISSION   Shelter Them is a Christian charitable organization dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda receive the basics of life

Shelter Them was birthed in the hearts of Rwandan genocide survivors, Josephine & Jocelyne in 2005.  In just a few short years Shelter Them has grown from a small feeding program into a recognized charitable organization.  We are rescuing the homeless orphans in Rwanda and giving them a chance to become a part of Rwandas bright future 

Our passion and purpose is to rescue orphans and needy children from a hopeless life on the streets, and provide them with a bright future

OUR PROGRAMS   Our housing program, unlike traditional orphanages, consists of intimate homes with a maximum of 6 children.  This ensures that our children receive the love and attention they deserve.  Giving these children a home, a family, education, love and support is what we believe to be the foundations of a healthy life

Currently we support six homes and we support two other children who are in need.  Two boys homes, a girls home, a home of 3 boys and a baby, a family of children that was rescued from the streets and a family we have brought out of the slums to give them a fresh start.  We have plans of developing land given to us by the government to create our own village in order to raise up those in desperate need. We are very excited to have grown steadily every year and we pray that we can to continue to do so

OUR TEAM   Shelter Them has teams in both Rwanda and Canada. These teams work together to keep our mission and dreams alive.  We are dedicated to Shelter Them and hope that you too will share in our dreams

OUR FUTURE GOALS   In the next five years our goal is to build on the land the government has given us.  This land will be a "Shelter Them" village where we can centralize our our homes and help the community around us better. Your help is needed as we embark on our next phase of growth.  Let us know how you can help.

We are a Canadian Registered Charity B.N : 838736924RR0001