100 Days Of Change Has Come Again!

Each year Rwanda remembers the 100 days of genocide, which took place April 7 – July 17 1994.                                                                                                                                                   Our goal was a penny per life taken (1 million) and we surpassed that thanks to you!               This year we were aiming higher and we are ready to start counting and to get the final results of all your wonderful efforts.  In past years we have been to Schools and Churches presenting ourselves and the hope we bring to Rwanda.  The response has been great and we thank you for all the invitations. Contact us if you would like us to visit your school, church or work this year.

During the next couple months you can call, email or mail us and let us know how you are doing and who you are joining with to fill those jars. 


 The instructions are easy and fun to do with only 5 simple steps:

1) Find a jar or box and label it 

2) Place the container where you will see it.  At home or work

3) Fill it up.  Maybe $1 a day, $5 a day or have a different amount for each age

4) Keep us in your thoughts and prayers

Again we sincerely say Thank-you and we hope to meet everybody  who has helped!