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"I truly believe that every child needs to be loved and valued in order to have a bright future"  Josephine Murphy, Shelter Them Co-Founder

Our passion and purpose is to rescue orphans and needy children from a hopeless life on the streets, and provide them with a bright future


18 amazing people will join us this!!!   

The first two weeks of November we will be visiting our children and team in Rwanda.  This year there will be 18 people and it will two weeks full of laughs, tears, joy and eye opening experiences.  We spend lots of time with our 5 homes and the children of Shelter Them.  We will also visit  poor areas to give donated clothing and shoes to those in need.  It has always been a time where our supporters see what we do and how amazing the children are and will be


We have a Special Request...
As you can imagine we all have our suitcases and bags packed to the max.  We would however like to give more, this is where we need you to help!
The following items we need still....
-Sturdy backpacks for 23 children
-Funds to buy school supplies

-funds to purchase soccer balls for our boys

Thank you so much for your support!

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